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Facts and Information every parent of a Rising Star should know

There are hundreds of thousands of students who dream of an NCAA scholarship and the fact is most families simply don't know what to do to achieve that goal. As parents we need to first reinforce academic achievement in high school, that in addition to being a good athlete is just as, if not more important. Rarely do athletes received the vaunted "full ride" and usually they will receive partial athletic money and if their academics are good they can also receive academic money. This allows NCAA coaches to spread their athletic scholarship budget over more recruits.

As parents we can help!!!

  • Make sure your child understand clearly that academic achievement is just as important as their performance on the court or field.
  • Give your child all the information you can to help make informed decisions. Many of these kids will be thrust out on their own as young as 17 or even 16 years of age and it is a big change, college coaches don't talk to players parents, and your star athlete in your town may be on the bench for the first year.
  • Are they ready to go from their team superstar to a role player in the NCAA.
  • All teenage athletes go through rough teenage emotional times, slumps in their sport, immense peer pressure and a plethora of other distractions. As parents we need to help them stay positive and focused on their goal.
  • The scholarship your child may receive may not cover all the costs involved with attending a NCAA institution. There will be costs to consider, the famous "full ride" deals are few and far between. Personally however we feel that if these additional costs are even equivalent to a typical Canadian it is worth the experience.
  • University it is a great option to have available.
  • Click the NCAA athlete’s life button to view a synopsis of life as a NCAA athlete from a former NCAA Division 1 softball player.
  • NCAA Athletes Life Letter (please read the entire letter it is excellent!)


  • NCAA Scholarship Athlete Canadian University Student
  • Minimum Grade Point Average Required to Maintain Eligibility
  • Personalized Student Mentors
  • Personalized Student Tutors No Cost
  • Structured Timetable to Facilitate Athletes
  • Specialized Athlete Services – many offer cafeteria, residences etc.
  • Required Community Services Time
  • Required and Supervised Study Hall Times
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