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Does Rising Star Athletics Charge a Fee for Their Services?
Rising Star Athletics does have several different fee structures depending on how you want us to help. Each is very affordable and a fraction of the value of the return of an NCCA scholarship.

Are my school grades very important?
Yes – your grades in school are critical to your success in attaining an athletic scholarship, no matter how good you are you must meet the NCAA Eligibility Centre requirements and also any specific NCAA school requirements.

What grade should I start the process of getting an NCAA scholarship?
You should begin as early as the spring of your Grade 9 year. Recruiting timetables can vary slightly depending on the sport however most coaches start looking at the Grade 10 year.

Won’t my coach and guidance counselor be able to find and help me with a scholarship?
Unfortunately no, although they may your best interests at heart they are simply not in a position to dedicate the time to contact enough schools, follow up with coaches or produce high quality skills or game video.

How long does each scholarship last?
One year, each year the coach will re-evaluate with the athlete and then sign and new scholarship agreement. 90% of athletes who accept a scholarship receive the same terms for their four years of school.

What is the SAT and ACT test?
These are scholastic aptitude tests and are required by the NCAA Eligibility Center and also most NCAA schools prior to admission or acceptance.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Centre?
The NCAA Clearinghouse checks the "initial eligibility" of each player playing in one of the NCAA divisions. It gives out a "license to compete" to each player. Without this license a player cannot play in the NCAA I or II. The factors that decide whether or not a player is awarded eligibility are his/her SAT results and academic performance. In addition the Clearinghouse will check whether a player is an amateur athlete in the US understanding. The fee for the registration is currently $60. Concerning a player's eligibility the NCAA Clearinghouse is the ultimate authority. However, it has no authority over NAIA or NJCAA divisions.


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