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Rising Star Videos - Your single source for scholarship recruitment and marketing!!

Rising Star Videos and Athletic Recruiting is dedicated to providing NCAA coaches with the best selection of only elite athletes. Rising Star takes a personal "one on one" approach to each athlete we agree to work with. This means that each athlete is scouted, stats verified, academics verified and most often filmed. NCAA coaches can be assured that each athlete is who they are represented to be, we do not consider an online form to be an evaluation, Rising Star evaluates our athletes first hand, in person with interview and in game or event scouting.

Rising Star will also provide and additional testing you may require, including personality, psychological or any other testing that your institution may require.

Follow the link above to search our athlete database by sport, position, graduation year, and GPA. In each profile you will not only find the standard highlight profile but also the option of requesting that Rising Star conducts independent physical testing, including; beep test, max press, max vertical, agility test, pushups and crunches or other testing you may require. Simply contact Rising Star directly and we accommodate any requests you may have.

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